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Lulu Belle the Wonder Dog

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Because of various compression methods not all of the photos will display properly in your browser. For those that don't, right-mouse-click on them, do "save as," and once you've saved them to your own hard disk, double-click on them to open and they'll work fine in MS Paint or whatever picture editing program you have.

The genealogy chart is still hidden. Email me for the secret. Immediate family members only, please.

To be on the family mailing list, or to update your email address, email me.

 2001 Tennessee Photos  2001 Key West Photos
 2001 Georgia Farm Photos  

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If you've got anything neat to add to this list or the family genealogy program, please email it to me.

Don't worry about the format or file size; I'll take care of it. If you have a lot of stuff let me know and I'll arrange ftp access for you. Or something. <g>


Thanks. Love you all. God Bless.

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Jim Carey

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